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The Arts Development Agency enables Mother Artists to live creative lives. We are game-changers, campaigners, facilitators and creative solution makers. We are a platform for change and resource for the welfare of future generations in the arts, health and education.

Gravida Arts Collective wants to set up the hub for mothers artists to raise awareness around maternal mental health, creativity and to rethink, recreate and rebalance our role in society. We want to organise podcasts, webinars and conferences to reconnect with our communities.

Gravida Arts Collective HUB is an online platform and physical space (depending on Covid regulations and restrictions).

Gravida has evolved from a series of high impact R&D performance and participatory projects, supported by ACW, National Lottery Fund, Chapter Arts Centre and Ty CERDD (with our pilot project Women in Pregnancy and Gravida: The Art of Living.)

We exchange and share good practices with our partners and participants through an ongoing process. Gravida has provided us with a model in which to pursue an artistic and cultural strategy for the benefit of mothers and artists across platforms. 

Fostering each other, we are creating a dynamic atmosphere for professional artists and for participants from the community in the context of pregnancy, maternity, parenting. Intergenerational relationships are a further focus between the unborn child and their parents and grandparents. This is our starting point for the next stage of the project.

We have been a part of a Welsh Government movement around period poverty, which has seen us working with young girls in deprived areas. In other areas of our work, we have worked on the DIVE project with National Dance House to explore “migrated bodies” and women behind borders and migrant artists.

Our supporters, collaborators and partners in the last 12 years come from diverse sectors: Extinction Rebbelion, HIJINX Academy, Chwara Teg, NHS, Welsh Government, British Council, Blackwood Miners Institute, BBC Cymru, STATION – Serbia, Erasmus +, Youth in Action, Ministry For Culture Serbia, Community Music Wales, Theatre Ffynon, National Museum Wales, Cardiff, Tactile Bosch, Film Hub Wales, BFI, Memo Arts Centre, Taika Box – Finland, Humans Move – Ethiopia, Vale of Glamorgan Council and more.

Key strengths of earlier work included the quality of working relationships; between artists, communities, organisations, public institutions ( universities, museums, councils), richness and freshness of the material and ideas we explored, and positive feedback from audiences.

Gravida Collective Call Out for Participants

Free spaces (limited) are available to participate in the development of our CODA Methodology (Context Orientated Dance). 

We are looking for participants who wish to connect to their bodies and nurture their inner creative. No dance or movement experience is necessary and every[body] is welcome! 

Spaces will be given on a first come, first served basis. 

All dates are at SPARK/SBARC

Maindy Road


Stage one: 21st, 28th of April and 5th of May 

Stage two: 2nd, 9th and 16th  of June
Email your request to participate at gravidacollective@gmail.com

Gravida Collective Launch

A chance to find out more about The Gravida Collective and their work and current projects. This will be followed by a drinks reception.


Launch of Gravida Collective

Screenings of project work

Presentation of Podcast

Presentation of ” Gravida, the Weight and Wait of Pregnancy to Mothering Transformation” written by Carrie Westwater and Aleksandra Nikolajev Jones.

A presentation of the research partnership with JOMEC on CODA ( context orientated dance) method

Launch of next production “Lullaby for Mother”

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